PrintMate Australia offers Economical Dual Line Coding for Packages with High-Capacity Memory and Easy Handling through the EBS 230 DOD

The EBS-230 ink-jet printer sets a new benchmark in regard to configuration and cost-effectiveness of basic DOD systems. Easy handling, robust design, a user-friendly interface and unbeatable efficiency are only some of the outstanding features of EBS-230 series of dual-line coders.

Equipped with a print-head where electromagnetic valves are installed, the standalone EBS-230 device is ideal for users who want economical operation, but still require sophisticated features. IP rated, along with the ability to use water-based, ethanol, acetone or MEK inks, the EBS-230 provides a universal solution for various marking applications and surfaces including cardboard, plastics, metal, glass or ceramics. The EBS-230 can print on traditional smooth and porous surfaces as well as uneven surfaces with irregular shapes, such as pipes, bags or construction materials.

For all technical specifications, please see the brochure below.