EBS-260 Portable Hand Held Printer – Australia & New Zealand

The EBS-260 Portable ink jet printer  is ideal for printing on Metal, Glass, Plastic, Timber, Cardboard, Concrete and may other materials.

The EBS-260’s Handjet is a 32 dots  printer with print heights up to 57mm  and will provide one to four separate lines of coding, On-board colour touch-screen controller simplifies on-the-fly adjustments.  The HandJet EBS-260 uses a variety of quick-drying and application specific inks: ethanol, acetone or MEK-based in different colours.

Communicating with the  EBS-260 Industrial Hand Printer is simple and versatile, Choose from WiFi, Bluetooth or USB

Programming: Via the Touch-screen, using the online Firefox/Chrome browser, or via Editor software (included)